Who We Are

At TransSouthern we merge the latest ideas, models, and concepts with tried and proven methods and standards to create intelligent development solutions in the commercial, residential and multi‐family arenas. At TransSouthern, we believe that times of great change bring great opportunity for the development team prepared to meet the challenge. TransSouthern was founded in 1979 and over the past 38 years has compiled an extensive list of successful projects. TransSouthern enjoys partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances with a number of outstanding companies. Two of the most significant are WholeLife Companies and Wellstone Companies.

For over a quarter of a century, TransSouthern has developed landmark real estate projects that deliver lasting value to investors and communities. The firm's unique talent in value engineering consistently allows its partners to achieve their development goals on or below budget.

Our projects have a reputation of setting standards for success in their respective markets and product types. Over and above financial returns, they improve cities and pioneer new sustainable practices. Combining insights from local teams, decades of experience and a commitment to long‐term value creation, we craft sophisticated structures designed by world‐class architects.